Meet surveying and contractual obligations towards all our clients


i. To acquire, nurture and deploy expertise required for fulfilling surveying and contractual commitments towards our clients

ii. To meet our clients objectives

iii. To actively interact with our clients, assess and establish their current and future needs

Achieve sustainable growth in skills set and to offer wider range of services to our clients


  1. To receive, encourage and adopt new ideas, innovations, entrepreneurial attitude, aspiration to excel towards the services provided to our client
  2. To embrace changes and revolution in our field of work especially in todays’ technology growth
  3. To tie up with specialists where required in order to fulfill our commitments towards our clients.

To lead the industry with innovative progress and controlled capacity



  1. To build and maintain long-lasting working relationships with clients
  2. To render a multi-disciplinary, high-quality surveying service at a realistic tariff
  3. To enhance our service with added professional consultation and informed assistance


Featured Properties

The near konza techno city land with (50*100) 1/8 acre plots that are located a few kilometres from the Konza Techno City,touching both the Standard Gauge Railway and the old railway line,exactly...
Price : between 600 thousand and 1.6 Million shillings per acre Location : Nanyuki Jua Kali area
Price : 500 thousand shillings Location : Mwalimu Farm off Ruai shopping centre touching the proposed Thika-Daystar by-pass All weather roads to the site

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