If you need clarification of your property boundaries but do not necessarily want or need to go to the expense of a full boundary survey, Trinity surveyors can come and mark property corners only. This option may be chosen if the property owner only needs to find the corner pins on his/her lot. Marking property corners is often all you need in order to prevent encroachment on your neighbor’s property, or to settle any existing dispute.

When might you need to mark your property corners?
Here are some instances in which marking property corners could be a more feasible alternative to a full boundary survey:
•If you’re planning to build a fence around your property and you want to be sure you’re installing it on your own land
•If your lot is small enough that property lines can be visualized only by seeing the corner pins (larger plots of land require more detail)
•If your lot is delineated by straight-line boundaries identifiable by the corners alone
•If you need more clarification of property lines between you and your neighbors for a non-volatile dispute
The process of marking property corners
Our crew will conduct a survey of your property boundaries to ensure that the pins found are correct, and then mark those pins clearly with colored flagging. Because this survey is primarily for on-site visualization purposes, no drawn plans are included with marking property corners.

NOTE: while this survey is somewhat less intrusive than a full boundary survey, the work involved in identifying boundaries is similar to that of more detailed surveys, so the difference in cost is modest at best. For that reason, many of our clients choose to order the full boundary survey instead. Trinity Surveyors will gladly discuss your options with you to help you determine which survey is best for your needs.

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