What We Do
Trinity Valuers provides independent professional property valuations and related advisory services across the broad property spectrum in Kenya.
Our qualified and competent team who prepare expert valuation reports of property is equipped to:
•determine the value of real estate assets
•analyze or execute feasibility studies and
•provide expert advice on property related matters

Acquiring a property? Congratulations on making the decision to acquire one of the best assets and long term investments. Let us assist you in determining the viability thereof and potentially save you loads of cash.

Disposing of a property? Great, perhaps the asset no longer fits in with your investment strategy due to expansion, or you unfortunately need to do so for cash flow purposes. Let’s make sure your property fetches the correct price at the right time, after all, time is money. In addition, our professional affiliates will be able to provide you with any property broking services you may require.

Best utilization of your property? Perhaps there’s an alternative better use for your property which you have not considered, or perhaps a nip here and a tuck there could generate a better return on your investment.

Valuation Purposes
We are able to adapt our report formats to accommodate specific requirements and our services cover a wide spectrum of valuation purposes. Independent property valuations are useful for many different purposes and are tailored to suit your needs in the following situations:  
•Mortgage security (accepted by all major financial institutions)
•Pre purchase  
•Pre sale
•Family / Partnership settlement
•Transfer duty
•Capital gains tax
•Building insurance (replacement costs assessments)
•Market value for financial statement, disposal or acquisition purpose
•Alternative use valuations
•Market rental determinations for new leases, renewals or rental disputes
•Estimated new replacement cost (ENRC) or Depreciated replacement value (DRV) for insurance purposes
•Forced sale values for liquidation purposes
•Valuation of assets for security purposes (mortgage finance)
•Releasing of guarantees
•Valuations for rating purposes in order to appeal municipal valuations during supplementary valuation rolls
•Valuations for expropriation purposes
•Valuation of servitudes
•Land claims
•Valuations required to determine values for mergers or take-overs
•Valuations for division of family or business property assets
•Estate duty

We undertake comprehensive in-house training and continued professional development for all valuation staff and ensure that all Valuers are members of the Valuers Registration Board.
Given our size and experience we can offer in-house specialization across all property types including residential, commercial, industrial, rural, tourism and leisure. This ensures our customers receive the best advice from relevant experts in their particular field.  

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